Responsible Service of Alcohol House Policy for


WTBC has a policy to serve customers in a responsible, friendly and professional manner. In doing so enforce the strategies of Responsible Service of Alcohol by:

  •  Preventing underage drinking by insisting on valid identification.
  •  Prevent Intoxication, be recognising the sings of, and avoiding serving anyone to the point of intoxication.
  •  Persons deemed to be intoxicated will not be granted access to the venue.
  •  Intoxicated persons will be refused service and maybe removed from the venue
  •  Managing intoxicated anti-social or disruptive persons.
  •  Supporting safe transport options.
  •  Educating staff on our duty of care through ongoing training.
  •  Educating our customers on our duty or care via signage and other communications.
  •  Maintaining as incident log for all R.S.A. and R.G.S matters.
  •  When alcohol is being served, free tap water is also available.
  •  Offering non-alcoholic and low alcoholic beverages as part of our beverage menu.
  •  This Club will not serve more than one nip (30 ml.) of spirits per glass with an additive.
  •  Implementing, monitoring and modifying on a ongoing basis, the Club House Policy.
  •  A register of R.S.A. and R.G.S accredited staff will be kept on premise and will be made available to appropriate authorities on request.
  •  Observe and uphold the guidelines of the local Liquor Accord.

Our principle focus is to ensure that our guests enjoy a

comfortable, friendly, safe and trouble free environment.