With the formation of the "Darling Downs Bowling Club" on the 21st October 1900 the people on the western side of Toowoomba felt there was a need for a similar facility in their area as well.

As a result of the above the first of many meetings was called on 12 April 1910 at the then Globe Hotel in Ruthven Street with the above express purpose in mind.  At this meeting the wheels were set in motion for the formation of the "West End Bowling Club" changed later to the "West Toowoomba Bowling Club" and again later to the "West Toowoomba Bowls Club" and later having "Inc." included.

With the formation of the club there are a number of significant dates that have to be recalled as memorable in the Club's History.  These are as follows: -

12 April 1910  Initial meeting where it was decided to form a Bowls Club on the western side of Toowoomba

14 May 1910   Purchase of the first two block of land in Rome Street

18 June 1910   Meeting to form a Controlling Body

18 July 1910    Start of laying the first green in Rome Street

8  May 1911    Official opening of first green in Rome Street named the H.W. (Mick) Hard Green in 1985

28 Oct 1911    First Annual General Meeting and affiliation with the Queensland Bowling Association

3  May 1913    Pavilion officially opened

14 May 1932   Official opening of the little green  in Rome Street named The Malcolm Green

24 Aug 1936    Formation of the Ladies Bowling Club

            1937    New clubhouse officially opened

     Feb 1951    Play began on the Taylor Street green

8   Mar 1952   Official opening of third green named The Syd  Nuss (Snr) Green on 26 April 1970

25 July 1957    Clubhouse shifted to present location

31 Aug 1957    Official opening of new Clubhouse and first time ladies were allowed to play on a Sunday in mixed bowls

26 Oct 1972    Official opening of Clubhouse alterations

   Mar 1992     Introduction of our first Poker machines

   Dec 1993     Purchase of old Drive in Theatre for relocation

9  Dec 2002    Sale of old Drive in Theatre meaning any thoughts of relocation were discarded