Weekly Bowls Notes


West Toowoomba Ladies' Bowls Notes

12 December  2018

Items being accepted for Christmas Raffle. 

Coming Events  

12 December Wednesday Christmas Luncheon am bowls Names on the sheet on notice board by December 5 for players and non-players.  Payment to Heather.  Lunch $20  Bowls green fees $5

January 2019

9 January Wednesday Ladies Bowls resumes with Pink Day









West Toowoomba Men's Bowls Notes

12 December 2018

Members are reminded that the club has the services of an accredited coach, Denis Hathaway. So if you are having problems with your game or know someone who might want to learn bowls contact him at the club or phone 46154070 to make an appointment. This is a free service


11 December Tuesday Mens Triples


B. McLoughlin, B. Steven, B. Kranz


L. Taylor, D. Pratt, S. Mills

9 December Sunday Ham Day

Winners B. Jurgs, J. Rollo, N. Jurgs

Runners-up D. Hoy, M. Brownie, C. Brownie

Div 2 Winner D. Musch, T. Gibbs, J. Gibbs

Competition Results

A Singles

 S. Mills 25 def A. Weir 16

B Singles

G. Wockner 25 def D. Blazely 7

N.  McKenzie 27 def R. Rewald 2

C Singles

D. Gibbs 25 def M. Keegan 15

Championship Pairs

G. Gray, G. Buckley 20 def C. Brownie, J. Slatter 12

Mixed Pairs

H. Brownie, M. Brownie 29 def K. Pratt, D. Pratt 18

Competition Call

15 December Saturday 9am

A Singles

J. Hagan v G. Buckley (H. Volger)

B Singles

D. Hoy v N. McKenzie  (G. Wockner)

C Singles

K. Rattray v R. Rewald (B. Hobbs)

 Coming events

14 December Friday  1pm Golden Oldies social bowls. Come along and have a great social game of bowls.


Friday Night Members Draw


14 December  Friday  6 pm  Friday Night Meals and Raffles

Meals served between 6 - 8 pm   Lucky $50 note and the Multi draw Raffles  the fun begins at 6 pm    Roster A. Rattery

16 December Sunday Chritmas Party Multi Draw Raffle, Buffet Lunch and Bowls Name on the sheet for catering.

18 December Tuesday  Mens Social Triples 12.30 pm Start  Come along and enjoy the men's triples Jackpot $ 180 Members from other clubs most welcome. Kitchen roster C. Davis, B. McLouchlin, K. Pratt